Background of the Company
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Since 1995, as the result of economic changes in Kazakhstan, the Company has got the Status of Joint Stock Company National Holding Company "Almatykulylys”.

Within the structure of Almatykurylys there are 14 joint stock companies (former trusts and enterprises) entitling 30 % share holding each. The Holding Company is headed by the President who is accountable to the Board of Directors and General Meeting of shareholders. General Directors of Joint-Stock companies, within the structure, are appointed by the Board of Directors on presentation of the nominee by the President. Every structural subdivision is a juridical person.

Last five years are characterized by the growth of activity indices (financial review):

  • The volume of general contract on building has been performed by 214.6 bln tenge, including 47.4 – in 2011.

  • The volume of other services amount to 39.3 bln tenge, including 11.7 – in 2011.

  • Aggregate income is 166.2 bln tenge, including 41.7 – in 2011.

Our builders have greatly contributed to the development of the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana by constructing considerable amount of projects and constructions, namely: The Palace of Sports “Kazakhstan”; The House for Official Receptions; The Opera and Ballet House named after K.Baiseitov; The Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre named after Kuanishbaev; The Euro-Asian University named after Gumilev; Monument to the Victims of Repressions; The Embankment of the river Ishim; Rowing Canal.

More than 120 000 m2 housing, 40 kms of roads have been built and reconstructed.

Almatykurylys is practically successful in all the regions and oblasts of Kazakhstan, performing the orders of the Government of the Republic as well as the orders of many Kazakhstani and foreign customers. At present the company is carrying out construction and reconstruction projects in the cities of Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Uralsk, Aktau and other towns and oblasts.

We show great respect and consideration to customers, reliability and constancy in relationships with counterparts.

Our professional code is to feel the spirit of the time.

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