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* Report on introduction of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 to the 1.10.02 :

Staff of the Company –all procedures have been described and filed , all personnel and auditors have been trained, an external audit and receipt of the certificate on project management is scheduled to the period of November –December

Almatymonolitstroy –have been described procedures , training is held

Almatyinjstroy –all procedures have been described , training of the personnel is scheduled on October –November

Almatyzhilstroy – staff of the department and employees of SMU have been trained. Description of the procedures and further training is scheduled on November.

Almatykultbytstroy –all procedures have been described , seminars are carried on, auditors have been trained.

Almatyobltyajstroy-talks are being held with “Renessance ” company, conclusion of the agreement and start-up of the employees training is scheduled on October -November

Almatygorstroy – on 30.09.02 certificates ST RK ISO 9001-2001 for production and prior activity (project and objects construction management) have been obtained.

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