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Base production capacities of Almatykurylys (10 units) with spur tracks, warehouses, production of building materials and constructions, freight activity of transport and construction technique and mechanisms are located in the cities of Astana, Almaty, Atyrau.

Great power of the production potential provides mobility and execution of works in any oblast of Kazakhstan. As experience shows only a few weeks are needed for the organization of a construction site in a new uninhabited region.

The following building materials and constructions are produced by Almatykurylys:

  • concrete, concrete solution (mortar);
  • ferro-concrete wares of different types and sizes;
  • wall blocks;
  • metal ware (hard ware) – construction stock, doors, bars, gratings;
  • metal constructions of frames of buildings;
  • reinforcement ware for ferro-concrete;
  • metal false work for monolithic construction;
  • ceramic brick, grade M75-125;
  • pavement slab of different sizes and modifications;
  • asphalt concrete;
  • road borders;
  • sand cement tile for tiling the roof;
  • wooden articles – windows (double or 3 layer glazing glass packs, doors, conduit materials, precut of round timber and timber drying);
  • thermal insulation materials: rock wool and its products (stitched mats); thermal insulation mix based on expanded polystyrene;
  • dry construction mix – for inside and outside finishing and face works based on technology and equipment of the well-known company KNAUF, the production of more than 30 articles is performed;
  • PVC profiles and their products – windows, doors, dividing walls and a set of galvanized steel profiles;

U-shaped light construction profiles of different sizes. This is the incomplete list of materials and constructions produced for our own wants as well as for sale.

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