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The company was founded in 1956 by the Decree of the Government and untill 1990 it was the Main Territorial Administration on Construction attached to the Council of Ministers of Kazakhstan – Glavalmatastroi.

During these years the company considerably contributed to the development of Kazakhstan economy: there have been built 12.5 mln square meters of housing, schools for 175 870 seats, kindergartens for 72 538 seats, hospitals for 2890 beds and clinics for 15850 visits, hotels “Zhetisu”, “Kazakhstan”, “Almaty”, “Rahat Palace”, the State Museum, the Kazakh State University, the Residence of the President of Kazakhstan in Almaty city, the Monument to Independence, Almaty Cotton Group of Enterprises, Machine – building plants, Food processing factories, J/S Confectionery factory “Rahat”, Publishing Houses, Printing Houses, Banknote making factory and many other construction projects.

1.5 mln populated Almaty – the largest city of Kazakhstan – has been built with the direct participation of our company from small town of 300 thousand people.

The company has been growing and developing all these years: there have been created construction and erection work trusts, plants of construction industry, motor car transport enterprises.

Under market economy and the change of investment policy the company has preserved all its structural subdivisions and still continues its successful activity.

Due to good results in production activity Almatykurylys carries out immense public activity as well.

During 50 years of the construction activity the company has accumulated highly valuable experience in planning and realization of big architectural construction complexes from the stage of the draft projects till the time they are put into operation.

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